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Nov 6, 2006

Pomegranate Mint Chutney

I had a small bunch of Mint and a ripe Pomegranate in my pantry. A wild idea struck me. Why not combine the two to make a Chutney that I have never tasted before. A Chutney for the Dosa that I was planning for the night. The idea worked and the result was a delicious sweetie, minty chutney. My husband and my little daughter loved it. Try this recipe. (The yield for the recipe below is very little. You can increase the Measurements Proportionately, if you want more chutney.)


1 large ripe Pomegranate.
1 Small bunch of Mint
½ Green Chilli (if it’s too hot)
1 teaspoon Cummin (Jeera)
Salt to taste


Grind the Pomegranate Seeds with Cummin Seeds, Green Chilli and Salt, to a smooth paste. Do not add water as the fruit has enough juice to grind. (The Paste will be a little Coarse due to the seeds and that’s okay.) Now add the mint and grind again until the mint is ground to a paste. Chutney is ready in Seconds. No seasoning required. It’s a low Calorie and no Oil recipe for Dosa or Chapathi.


Anonymous said...

Mint and pomegranate...a very unusual combo...i might try this some time...i have a bunch of mint....all that i need is a pomegranate.

Mythreyee said...

Try and let me know if you liked it.

BDSN said...

It is a wild combo as u say and I do have both the items in my fridge so i will definitely give a try and let u know...
I do have one more question on the lemon rice...U add lemon juice to hot seasoning along with salt..and when u add this to rice ...wont the rice taste bitter ?

Mythreyee said...

I add lemon to the hot seasoning, and the lemon doesn't taste bitter. May be because I am adding after I turn the heat down. Also, I add rice immediately after I give a stir.