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Nov 26, 2006

Saffron Walnut Eggless Cake

This is one of my most Favorite Food. Being Vegetarian, I miss out a lot of Baking, But trying out various recipes that do not call for Eggs. (I do not prefer Egg substitutes). This is a Wonderful, Very Simple and Tasty Recipe for an Eggless Cake. Since I love Saffron and Walnuts, I have added it to the Cake and that's 'Saffron Walnut Eggless Cake'. Hmm…. simply delicious. A bite of the Brown Crest combined with the Soft Inner Texture…. Tastes really good when served with hot Coffee in the morning. Hey, this Cake is not just for the morning hours. I munch this delight any time of the day. Here is the recipe.

2 cups Maida Flour

1/3 cup Butter

1/2 cup Powdered Sugar

1/2 can of Sweetened Condensed milk

1/2 tsp baking soda

1 tsp baking powder

1/2 tsp vanilla essence

a pinch of yellow/lemon color powder

Water as needed

1 Cup Chopped Walnuts

3-Tablespoon Tutty Fruity

Saffron, 1 teaspoon

Milk – 1 tablespoon

Add Saffron to Milk and stir. Keep it aside.


To the Maida Flour, add the baking powder, baking soda, and vanilla essence. Mix well using a dry Whisk. Keep it aside.

Put melted Butter in a bowl and add Powdered Sugar and using a Whisk or an Electric (Hand) Mixer, mix thoroughly.

Add Condensed milk and mix really well.

Add Maida in one thirds and mix gently (I mean, without using any motorized mixer) and beat unto a cake-like batter. While mixing the Flour, if the Consistency is tight, add little water and mix manually (Not using an Electric Mixer). When all the flour is well incorporated, Using an Electric Mixer, Mix for 3 to 4 minutes. You can still mix using a Whisk if you don't have an Electric (Hand) mixer.

Add the Tutty Fruity, Nuts and Saffron Milk Mixture, Color Powder and Mix gently.

Pour the mixture into a greased cake pan and bake it in preheated oven at 360 F for Approximately 35 to 40 minutes.

Use a Skewer to see if the Cake is done. When inserted into the Cake, and if nothing is clinging to the skewer and the Cake has a golden color crest on the top, it means the Cake is done.

Take it out from the Oven and let it cool down for 10 minutes and toss the cake upside down and let cool completely. Slice and Serve. Do frosting and Icing if you prefer.


Do not grease too much as it will form a thick brown crest even before the cake is fully done.

If using a Motorized Mixer, Mix the batter only in one direction. If it is a double blade mixer, remove one blade. This will incorporate more air in the batter.

Do not level the cake, If the consistency is right this will not be needed.


TNL said...

Beautiful.....looks delicious, and might I add, very creative to use saffron and walnuts! A sure winner, I say.


Vini K said...

Hi Mythreyee,first time here.came thu nandita's blog.Your cake looks so nice.I will try this one for sure.Thaks for sharing.

Mythreyee said...

Trupti: Thanks a lot for your sweet words.

Vini: Thanks for dropping by. Sure, give it a shot and let me know how it turned out.

Sia said...

saffron in cake... very interesting recipe maythreyee... looks divine

Mythreyee said...

Thanks Sia.

Anonymous said...

Mythreyee. Great to see an eggless cake recipe. I love saffron, so gonna have to try this cake. Thanks for sharing...~smile~

Lakshmi said...

after your gobi manchurian dish, one more yummy dish, have to try this eggless cake.

USHA said...

Hi Mythreyee,

Eggless sounds really good,i think vegetarian can try this.

Saffron in cake??? What to say,i'm damn sure the receipe should have been rich in taste too...

Mythreyee said...

Dilip, Lakshmi and Usha, thanks and let me know how it turned out if you try.

Anonymous said...

Hello Mythreyee!!! wht a wonderful presentation!!!!am really impressed.all ur recipes are awesome.i wish i could give a try.By the way manchurian ,tomato mint chutney ,(idly) looks cool.i will sure give`m a try.Thanx for sharing,and thnx for taking time to post a comment in my blog!!!

Jayashree said...

Looks delicious,M....feel like reaching out and helping myself to a piece of cake.

FH said...

Excellent recipe without eggs!Thanks for sharing:)

Mythreyee said...

Hari Priya: you are most welcome. I am glad you liked the recipes and tell me how it turned out when you try those. Thanks for dropping by. Thanks a lot for your sweet words.

Jayshree: hey, go ahead, help yourself. ;-) I am glad you liked it. thanks

Asha: thanks a lot for dropping by. yes, its an excellent food, cannot stop with just one bite.

Tweety said...

Hi Mythreyee, thanks for visiting my blog. And thanks for posting the eggless cake recipe, I've always wanted one.
By the way, Mythreyee is one of my favourite names :)

Priya said...

Hi Mathreyee,
Your cake looks delicious and the texture has come out really well. Even I dont use eggs and am in the constant hunt for egg-less recipes, like u said egg-substitutes only compromise on the taste and texture and arent of much use. I am surely going to try out your recipe in the next few days :-) Thank you soo much.

Mythreyee said...

Tweety: thanks a lot Tweety and I have added your site to my daily visit site. will drop by to see and try your wonderful recipes.

Priya: thanks a lot for your wonderful comment. Let me know how it turned out when you try this recipe and thanks a lot for dropping by.

jayakarthik said...

hey wwwwwowwww
this is first time i m in ur blog
looks wonderful
i have missed it all these days
thanks for the wonderful eggless cake recipe

Priya said...

Hi Mythreyee,
I tried the cake last night, but it sadly was a flop :-(( I had to take it out of the oven in about 15 mins as the crust was already getting brown, but the insides werent cooked. I preheated the oven to 350deg and continued to bake at that temp. It was probably too hot in there and so the bottom crust was getting burnt at a fast rate :-(

Will try it out again once I buy a second tin of condensed milk !!

Mythreyee said...

Sorry about that Priya. I have edited the procedure for better results. I am sure this will work out. thanks a lot for your feedback.

Seema Bhat said...

mythree :
this saffron cake looks real interesting specially bcoz its even eggless..thanks for sharing ..will definately give it a try soon

Mythreyee said...

thanks seema.

Manasi said...

Hi, First time at ur blog (came thru Nandita's ) Ur cake looks very nice, must try!

Anonymous said...

hey this cake looks so yummy I wish I could grab it from the screen and eat it. Waiting for more eggless cake.

Anonymous said...


Nice recipe. Can you clarify how big the condensed milk tin should be ? is it the big or small tin ? Also what is Tutti Fruity ? Thanks for your input.


Mythreyee said...

Thanks for dropping by.

The condensed Milk can is the 14 oz. 7 oz is required for this recipe.

In India we buy Tutty Fruity which are very small, cubed, coloured fruit gums. In America, I find these in the fruit cakes. Its kinda like gummy bears but a little bigger than tutty fruity.

For your information. This cake is not like the moist cake. Its soft sponge in the inside and a little crusty on the outside.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. Its looks like an easy method.

Just a query - how long should I bake using microwave oven?

- Revathi

Mythreyee said...

I have not baked in microwave oven. I am not sure about that. Sorry.

Unknown said...

Hi Mythreyee ,
I just happened to visit your blog and I really enjoy reading all ur recipes.. I just tried the saffron egg less cake and its come out awesome!!
Thanks for the wonderful recipe ,
looking forward to many more such recipes :)

Mythreyee said...

Sujatha, thank you so much for trying the recipe. I am really happy you liked it. Try the tutti frutii cookies that I have posted. Also, the nankatais. They both are very easy to prepare. Try if you like it and let me know your feed back.

Thanks a lot.


Unknown said...

hi this is sakthi ,
jus visited your blog by chance , really liked the recipie , will try it and let u know the result ...

Unknown said...

luvd ur planning to giv it a shot.i hv the foll Qs. Kindly help me
How long can i keep this cake?I mean shelf-life?
Im a newbie in cake baking.wat is the consistency of this cake batter?

Mythreyee said...

Hi Priya, The shelf life for this cake is 2 days when kept in airtight container at room temperature. Don't have to refrigerate. The consistency should not be too thick or too thin. When you transfer from mixing bowl to the cake pan, it should level by itself. You should not be patting it smooth. At the same time the consistency should not be thin. Hope this helps. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mythreyee,

I was just going thru your Eggless saffron walnut cake. One query pls You have mentioned the 1/3rd butter in your recipe. Is 1/3rd more than 1/2 cup or less than 1/2 cup. Another query is the a pinch of yellow/lemon color powder. What is this powder about. Is it available in the market. Pls reply since I want to try this delicious cake over the weekend.


Sumathi said...

Hi Mythreyee
Made this cake.. and it has turned out so wonderfull.. Thanks for sharing..

Unknown said...

The cake does look delicious, but where do I find tutty-fruity? I live in the bay area.

Unknown said...

Cake Recipes of this site is amazing. The incresients and process of making Cake is fantastic.There are lots of Cake Recipes in which is nice.

Anonymous said...

very intersting recipe.thank u for posting this .i will try to prepare for my kids.