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Dec 13, 2006

Radish Leaves Curry / Mullangi Keerai Palya


Radish Leaves – from 2 to 3 Radishes

Radish – Small – Preferably Red Color - 2

Onion Medium Size – Chopped

Peanuts – handful

Oil – 1 tablespoon

Red Chillis – 2 – crushed

Mustard Seeds



Chop the Radish Leaves, Wash Thoroughly.

Grate the Radish.

Grind the Peanuts to a Coarse Powder.

Heat oil in a Kadai, tamper the Mustard Seeds and add Red Chillis. Sauté the Onions. Add the Chopped Radish Leaves and Grated Radish and Stir. Sprinkle little water and Keep under Dhum until the Radish and the Leaves are Cooked. Now, Add the Peanut Powder and Salt. Stir until even Distribution. Serve as a Side.

Recipe Contributed and Photographed by my Sister In Law Smt. Usha Venkatesh.


TNL said...

That looks so good! and healthy too, I make a radish curry too, but with Methi leaves- I will post that soon.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely, unusual recipe, M! I wanted to leave a comment on your kootu the other day but blogger was being such a pain that day. The kootu looks so good! Why is it sihi kootu, though? Just curious..

Mythreyee said...

thanks Trupti. Credit Goes to my Sister in Phoenix who shared her recipe. Waiting for your recipe with Methi Leaves.

Thanks Vani. Ya, its an unusual recipe. Radish and its leaves are rich in Magnesium. Not many Vegetables or Fruits have this. Thanks for your comment on Kootu.

Regarding Sihi Kootu. Its a Kannada word, meaning Sweet. But with Reference to Kootu, we should not take the literal meaning. Kara means spicy and Kara Kootu is a very spicy kootu. But this Kootu is not the usual Spicy Kootu. instead of naming it as no kaara kootu, its sihi/seenh kootu. thats all. I hope its clear. This explanation is just my opinion.

FH said...

I get Mooli sag all the time,I will try next time.Looks great,I add them to make sambhar etc.This dish looks good:)

swapna susarla said...

hai mythreyee

nice recipe..never heard of dish with mullangi leaves...thanks for sharing...

jayakarthik said...

i m not sure if u got my previous comment
anyway typing the same again
hey mythy
wonderful healthy recipe
will try out this recipe for sure
thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...


I love radish leaves, we often make as a sidedish, I also like the next day with any leftover rotis, great for lunch...thanks for sharing...~smile~

KA said...

Found my way here through another blog..
You have a great site.

Radish leaves curry..never tried it before. The serving dish looks really cute.

Vini K said...

Hi mythreyee,I never heard of curry using mullangi leaves.Occasionally mu MIL puts them in the same mullangi curry she makes,but not much.This one I will try when I find mullangi with leaves here.Thanks for sharing!:))

Mythreyee said...

Asha: Let me try using this Leaves for Sambar.

Swapna: thanks and Do try this one, it is so good for health.

Jaya: thanks and yes, its a healthy recipe.

Dilip: thanks Dilip and yes, its great for Rotis too.

Krishna Arjuna: thanks for the Compliments and Thanks for Dropping by. Keep visiting for more vegetarian delights. Your site too is really good with awesome pictures.

Vini: Surely give it a try, as this is a very healthy recipe.

Medhaa said...

Thank you for inspiring me and letting me know that radish leaves are indeed edible. I did not make this version but made bisi bele bath with it and loved it.
Thank you again

Nithya said...

Hi, M..

I just tried the Radish leaves curry.. it turned out very good.. and yummmy.. Thanks alot. this my first time visiting ur recipe corner.. now i will b a regular visitor thanks alot..

Way to go!!!

Mythreyee said...

Thank you Nithya. You are most welcome.