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Apr 24, 2007

Lima Beans Kootu

The Nutritious Lima Beans, sometimes called 'butter beans' is rich in fiber and also reduces cholestrol and is very good for diabetic people as it prevents rise in blood sugar levels that rises rapidly after meals. It also provides fat free high quality protein. For more information on Lima Beans CLICK HERE.

Here is a recipe thats delicious and yet a healthy choice for everyone. This is a regular Kootu where I added cooked mashed Lima Beans to the kootu instead of Toor Dal. The taste is superb and the feel of consuming a healthy food is wonderful.


1 Cup Lima Beans (Large or Small)
Chopped Cabbage - 1 Cup
Chopped Beans - 1 Cup (Chopped into 1/2 inch size)
Tomato - 2 (Chopped)
Tamarind Concentrate - 1 teaspoon
Kootu Powder - 1 teaspoon ( or substitute with the usual sambar powder)
Oil for seasoning
Mustard Seeds
Urud Dal
Turmeric Powder
Curry Leaves
Salt as required


Soak Lima Beans in water overnight.

Pressre Cook Lima Beans and Mash it well.

Fry the chopped tomato (no oil or water required) and add the mashed lima beans and stir until it blends well with the Tomato. Keep it aside.

Heat Oil in a kadai and tamper the Mustard seeds. Add the Urud Dal and when it turns golden, add the Cabbage and Beans. Pour some water and allow it to boil.

While the vegetables are boiling, add the Tamarind Concetrate, Turmeric Powder, Asafoetida Powder, Curry Leaves and Salt.

When the Vegetables become tender, add the Kootu or Sambar Powder (I used Kootu Powder).

Stir well and add the Mashed Lima Beans. Stir until the beans blends well to become a gravy.

Garnish with cilantro and serve hot with Rice or Roti.


DEEPA said...

hey mthry...i have never tastes lime beans so far .will surely but it from the store this weekend ..sounds new for me ...

Roopa said...

wow nice recipe mythree! i even add them when making sambhar too!

FH said...

Looks delicious Myth.I like baby Lima beans to make Palya.It's taste really great.Thanks for the Kootu,great photo as well:))

Sharmi said...

hey Mythe, I used to have this curry in India. we used to get fresh beans. miss it all. nice recipe. will try out.

indosungod said...

Lima beans are my favorite. This is a new preparation, I usually make Lima Beans Curry. Looks really tasty

Dr. Soumya Bhat said...

Hey mytree,
This looks so good.Nice pics too...Hmmm..

Anonymous said...

Absolutely delicious recipe, the pictures are very tempting.

Do u use readymade Kootu powder Or Could u please post on how to make the "KOOTU powder" ?


Mythreyee said...

Deepa: Sure and once you develop the taste for this buttery yummy legume, you will want to add in many other dishes too.

Roopa: Next time I should try with Sambar.

Asha: Oh, I should try with baby lima beans. Since I like this beans, I will surely like the curry.

Sharmi: I have not tried in India. Just learing and experimenting with these legumes.

IndoSunGod: It is becoming my fav. too. Thanks.

Soumya: Thanks.

Aruna: My mom sends me her Kootu Podi. I do it sometimes too. Will surely post the recipe for all the spice powders I do.

Mandira said...

mythree - I have to try this kootu. Haven't tried lima beans very often. This is a reason to try. Thanks.