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May 3, 2007

Pongal Gojju

One of the very common breakfast item in south India is the famous VenPongal - (Seasoned Rice and Dal) and Gojju - (gravy with tamarind). Its very easy to prepare and is sure a filling one. Venpongal is called 'Huggie' in Kannada. Pronounced 'hug' as 'who'g and 'gie' as 'ghee'.

Pongal Recipe:


1 Cup - (Ravi) Sona Masoori Rice
1/2 Cup - Split Moong Dal (Hesaru Bele)
1 teaspoon - Cumin Seeds
1 teaspoon - Crushed Pepper
Salt as required
Ghee - 2 tablespoons
Curry Leaves
Asafoetida Powder
Cashew Nuts (Optional)


Wash rice and dal. Add the cumin seeds, pepper and salt. Add just 4 cups water and pressure cook for 5 whistles.
Transfer the contents to a large bowl.

For the seasoning, heat little ghee and fry the cashewnuts. Add the curry leaves and asafoetida powder. Pour the seasoning into the pongal with the remaining ghee and stir well until even distribution.

Gojju Recipe:


Peeled Small Onions - 1 Cup

Oil for seasoning - 2 tablespoons

Mustard Seeds - 1 teaspoon

Urud Dal - 1 tespoon

(Mentha) Fenugreek Seeds - 1/4 teaspoon

Tamarind Concentrate - 1 teaspoon (if using raw tamarind, soak small lemon sized tamarind in water and sqeeze. Use the the tamarind water)

Curry Leaves

Asafoetida Powder

Turmeric Powder


Roast and Grind:

Urud Dal - 1 tablespoon

Dhania - 1 tablespoon

Red Chillis - 2

Sesame Seeds - 1 teaspoon

Channa Dal - 1 teaspoon


Heat Oil in a Kadai. Add the Mustard Seeds, Urud Dal and Fenugreek Seeds. Add the Onions and fry for a minute. Add the Tamarind Concentrate and 2 Cups of water. Allow it to boil. When its boiling, add the Turmeric Powder, Asafoetida Powder, Salt and Curry Leaves.

When the Onions are tender, add the ground masala and cook for 5 minutes.

This Gojju can be served with plain rice too. Tastes good with Appalam or Vadagam.


Serve Pongal and Gojju as shown in the above picture. (Fill pongal in a Cup and topple upon the plate).

This is my entry to Mixed rice varieties event hosted by EC of Simple Indian Food.


FH said...

Oh Myth! Kanchana has the same combo posted too and she uses 1 cup of Tamarind in the Gojju!!WOW!!

Your's looks really great.I didn't know this was the popular breakfast combo in TN.Mouthwatering indeed:))

Ayesha Seerin said...

I'm feeling hungry now...
Pongal and gojju looks so filling

Sharmi said...

hey Mythe, vai urudu pa! romba nalla combi! BTW I have the same kind of plate with me in India.

DEEPA said...

i have never made gujju mythree..Will surely try this version of ur's

Anonymous said...

Hi Mythreyee, couldn't I please pop over for a little taste of this?? It looks so tempting :)

Anonymous said...

Gojju ???? I must try this. I think it will go well with dosa and idli too.

Pooja said...

looks yummy !
loved it. :D. thanks for sharing ...

USHA said...

Hi Mythi,

Today only we had ven.pongal +chutney...Your looks gr8.I looked burfi alot pa.

Mandira said...

wow Mythreyee, the pongal and gojju combination looks super delicious.

Mythreyee said...

Asha: Usually, Chutney is served with Venpongal in Restaurants. At home, we serve in this Gojju Pongal Combo or Pongal with chutney.

Ayesha: Yes, its very filling.

Sharmi: I got it from India too. Its great for tiffins.

Deepa: Sure, give it a try and you will love it.

Linda: Thanks and happy you liked it.

Nature and Me: Yes. It will go really well with Dosa.

Pooja: Thanks.

Usha: Thanks.

Mandira: It tastes superb too. Try it.

Rekha said...

My DH is crazy abt pongal, we usually make tomato gojju with it, this one is new to me, never tasted it b4, will give it a try.

vijaya said...

super delecious, very nice, usually we make this gojju with either brinjal or capsicum as v dont use much of onions but very nice i ll definitely give a try, thank u so much very good