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Nov 18, 2007

Channa Masala

Here is the recipe for the spicy tasty Channa Masala from my mom's kitchen. My mom prepares the channa masala powder with very few ingredients. This Channa Masala goes well with Pooris, Chapathis and even Bread. Awesome authentic delicacy with just few ingredients. Here is how she prepares.


2 Cups cooked Channa. (Either soak a cup of dry channa overnight and pressue cook it or buy the canned Channa)

1 Big Onion
6 to 7 Ripe Tomatoes
1 Cup cooked Potatoes
Red Chilli Powder
1 teaspoon Jaggery/brown sugar
Little Oil
Chopped Coriander leaves for garnish

Roast and grind the following:

3 teaspoons Dhania
2 teaspoons Cumin Seeds
1/2 inch Cinnamon
3 to 4 Cloves


Grind Onion and Tomatoes separately. Keep it aside. Grind little Potato with a tablespoon of cooked Channa and keep it aside.

Heat little oil in a kadai and fry the ground onion.

When it turns color, add the ground Tomatoes and a cup of Water. Fry for some more time. When its boiling, add the Red Chillies and Salt.

Add the ground Masala Powder and cook for 5 minutes or until the powder blends evenly with the gravy.

Add the cooked Potatoes and Channa. Add the ground Potato Channa. This enhances taste and gives good consistency to the gravy.

Add the Jaggery/Brown sugar. Stir and allow it to boil for a couple of minutes.

Garnish with Coriander Leaves and serve with Chapathi or Poori. Can be served with plain Bread too.


FH said...

This is so different from the regular Chana masala we usually make. Thanks for posting your mom's recipe Myth. I will deftly try it!:))

Mythreyee said...

Asha: Yes, its so different from the regular method. But sure is very tasty. I have actually stopped buying channa masala powder after I learnt this recipe from my mom.

amna said...

pretty much same as how my mom makes it. the gravy is thicker for her though!

EC said...

This surely is a low spice version of channa masala..thanks

Raks said...

Thanx for the recipe Mythreyee...I always wanted a different taste of channa masala than the usual one...;D

Mythreyee said...

nags: Its tasty and very easy to make too.

easycrafts: yes. It is. thanks.

raks kitchen: I agree, its always nice to try a newer version of our fav. recipes. thanks.

Sagari said...

chana masala looks delecious perfect with nice fresh puri

Thoughtfactory said...

Hey !! I love choleys .. will surely try this one. I hav seeen many blogs on recepie but I hav never seen people showing such details ...." Like showing different stages of choley with change in colour" is worth appreciating the effort.Thanks for appreciating my blog

Mythreyee said...

ThoughtFactory, Sagari: thank you so much.

sudha said...

Yet another amazing recipe I should say.I made it last night and only ended up receiving appreciation from my husband.Though I told him that its ur version.Thanks to ur mom for inventing it and thank u for posting it.
And yeah,ur new site looks good aswell.Very thoughtful name!!

Mythreyee said...

Sudha, thank you so much first of all for trying out my recipe and secondly for the time you took to tell me that you liked. I am very happy. Thanks.

Srivi said...

Seriously I have never seen such a simple but yet a very tasty recipe.Just the authentic taste that u get on the streets....

Thanks to your recipe..It made me so famous!