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Dec 17, 2007

Instant Lemon Pickle

My friend gave me few lemons when I visited her a couple of weeks back. They were big sized yellow lemons that had a little hard skin. I never realized that they were very juicy until I turned one of them into my favorite pickle. The usual way for preparing lemon pickle is to mix salt to the cut lemons and keep in the sun for 15 days in the jar and shake it daily. I did not have the patience to wait for days (though I admit that it's taste is much more authentic). So, tried out some technique to prepare instant lemon pickle, that's tasty, hot and juicy. Here's how I prepared.


1 Big sized lemon

Red Chilli Powder - 1 tablespoon

Salt as required

Asafoetida Powder

Roasted and ground fenugreek seeds (metha) less than 1/4 teaspoon

1 tablespoon Oil for seasoning

Mustard Seeds


Dice the lemon and pressure cook (without adding water) for just few minutes. Set aside (with all the oozed out juice) in a mixing bowl.

When it cools completely, mix in the Salt, Red chilli powder, Asafoetida powder and Fenugreek powder. Mix well.

Heat Oil and spatter the Mustard seeds. Pour this over the pickle and mix well. Instant lemon pickle is ready.

Serve with curd rice. Goes well with rotis or even bread. store in air tight glass container and refrigerate.


Richa said...

looks so tempting :) as u said goes well w curd rice.

amna said...

looks so fiery and tangy. yummmmm

Mythreyee said...

Yes Richa, curd rice and pickle is the best combo.

nags, yup! thanks.

Seena said...

Very simple recipe, Myth. Love the color..

Finla said...

While reding the post my mouth was wattering.
I can imagine just eating it with rice and curd and this pickle.
I always say if something is so good then keep it simple. So i would eath them with rice and curd. Yummmm

TBC said...

I like the way you have presented it:-) I can have curd-rice with pickle every single day!

Sagari said...

pickle looks yummmm cant wait to try the recipe

Mythreyee said...

Seena, Thanks.

Happy Cook, My favorite combo curd rice and lemon pickle

tbc, Thanks much.

Thanks, sagari.

Vaibhavam said...

Tried the receipe and yummmmm.... what a pickle... with curd rice, it tasted heaven. Thanks for giving this quick receipe.


Unknown said...

wow!!!i like the recepie..its a quick one ..there are lots of lemons lying in my fridge i didnt know how to prepare lemon pickle instantly ..thanks for the recepie ..:-)

RencySaiju said...

very tasty and simple recipe.



Guna's kitchen said...

first time here ....really mouth watering...nice color.... simple reccipe too.... hap[py to follow ur blog

My Reflections said...

Tried it..tasted soo good!! Thank you for making my life easier!