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Feb 15, 2008

Tamarind Rice / Puliodharai / Hulianna

The tamarind rice popularly called puliodharai saadam, pulikaaichal or puli chaadham in tamil and Huli anna or puliogare in kannada is a traditional recipe of South India. I do not know what it's called in malayalam or telugu, but, I am sure there will be one recipe for tamarind rice. This is a typical travel food and is my entry to The travel food festival hosted by Simple Indian food. There are many many versions of this tamarind rice, but the recipe that I am sharing here is my mom's and she calls the prepared tamarind paste as chitra anna gojju. To prepare the tamarind rice, this paste is simply mixed with white rice.


Cooked rice - 2 cups (grains separated)

Tamarind - 2 lemon sized balls

Gingili oil (sesame oil) / Nalla ennai - 1/2 cup

Mustard seeds - 1 teaspoon

Turmeric powder - half teaspoon

Salt - as required

Jaggery - 2 teaspoons

Curry leaves - from 3 to 4 strads

Asafoetida powder - 1/4 teaspoon

Peanuts - half cup

Roast and grind together the following:

Channa dal - 2 teaspoons

Urud dal - 4 teaspoon

Dhania - 2 teaspoons

Fenugreek seeds (vendhayam/mentha) - 1/4 teaspoon

Pepper corns - 1 teaspoon

Dry red chillis - 10 to 12 number

(depending upon how hot you want the rice)


Soak tamarind in 4 cups warm water for altest fifteen minutes and squeeze using hands. Pour the mixture through a strainer and extract the thick tamarind juice. You can just use your hands to take away the seeds and all the tamarind that is not dissolved. Keep it aside.

Heat oil in a wide heavy bottomed kadai. Tamper the mustard seeds. Add the peanuts and curry leaves.

Pour the tamarind water. when it starts boiling add the salt, turmeric powder, asafoetida powder and jaggery. Allow it to boil for alteast 10 minutes in high or until the raw tamarind smell goes away.

Reduce the heat and mix in the ground masala and you will notice the content thickening gradually. Allow it to boil partially closed stirring occasionally. This will take atleast 15 minutes. If you think the water is not enought pour half a cup of water and allow it to boil. You can see the masala blending well with the tamarind water. At this stage you can add a tablespoon of sesame oil for flavor.

Turn off the heat and let it sit for 5 minutes. Mix a tablespoon of this gojju to the prepared rice. Add a dash of ghee which is optional and enjoy the tamarind rice with pappads, chips or just curds.


indosungod said...

Nothing can compare to puliodharai with some potato chips on a tirp. Yours looks perfect and tasty.

FH said...

It's called Hulianna in Kannada (Chitranna is Lemon and turmeric rice) and every time my ajji and Thatha went out, they would carry Hulianna and Mosaranna!:D
Excellent color Myth, love it. Great entry!:)

Mythreyee said...

Indosungod: Yeah! I love it with potato chips. Thanks!

Asha: Thanks for the correction. My mom calls it chitra anna gojju for the tamarind paste. Ya, you are correct. Simply chitra anna means the lemon rice. Hulianna and mosaranna is a wonderful combo. We would carry too when we go on a day trip somewhere.

Kalai said...

Myth, puliodharai is my all time favorite colored rice! Got to have chips with this and you're all set for a long road trip. This really brings back memories... :)

Dhivya said...

wow..pili favorite...ur version looks's recipes r always great...Hope u had a great V day...

Richa said...

looks so delicious! i think that gingelly oil adds excellent flavor.

EC said...

Thanks a lot for sending over this delicious tamarind rice recipe..reminds me of the days we travelled for two full days in train. We used to carry this, chips and lemon rice along with us.

Anonymous said...

Wow ! Puliodharai always remain me of temple prasdham, esp tirupathi temple. After Checking out your recipe I am craving for some right now.

Uma said...

Looks lovely, Mythreyee! Yummy.

DEEPA said...

wow!! my mom loves tamarind rice !!..when i look at this , just reminds of my mom!!i am going to send her your link so that she could see and note down the recipe !!Thks for sharing!!

Jayashree said...

Love puliodharai......with potato curry or chips.....

Sagari said...

yummmmmmm love your recipe mythreyee

Anonymous said...

puli sadam is my favourite dish & i can eat it at any time of the day even for breakfast:)

Mythreyee said...

Kalai: I can have this rice with chips for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Dhivya: Thanks!

Richa: As you say, the gingili oil gives a lot of flavor to the rice.

easycrafts: My pleasure.

Shiya: I too miss it.

Uma: Thanks!

Deepa: Sure do send the link. Thanks!

Jayashree: I think most of us like puliodharai with potato combo. Either with chips or potato curry. This combo rocks!

Sagari: Thanks!

Paati: Me too.

Anonymous said...

Hey sis, I am preparing the chitra anna gojju now, i hope pepper corn is pepper. Anyways, i wanted to thank you. This is an amazing dish for working women like me. dont have to make any sambhar tomorrow or until this is exhausted. Thanks, this is the first time i am making it(always depended on amma for this). bye, B.

Finla said...

Looks so good. Can taste the tnaginess. Yumm

Linda said...

Hi Mythreyee, I have never seen a recipe for tamarind rice with all that dal -- so tasty!! I will try this one :)

Mythreyee said...

Happycook,Linda: Thanks!

amna said...

my fave comfort food!

Anonymous said...

Puliodharai looks delicious Mythreyee! Wish i could just dig into that bowl right now :-)
Looks liek u guys had a blast at the CA bloggers meet! What fun!

Mythreyee said...

nags: Yes, it is one comfort food that is too addictive.

masalamagic: Yes. we had loads of fun. We, atleast I never thought it would be so informal and fantastic meet.

Anonymous said...

I love puliyodarai. It's mouth watering. Nice one.

Vegetarian Zest said...

At my place everybody is crazy about tamarind rice. In telegu it's called chinta gojju vanam. The picture looks great.Can't wait to reach home to make this for dinner.