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Jul 1, 2008

Announcing Sweet series - Cool desserts and Roundup of Sweet series - Puran poli, sweet chapathi, roti

Calling all the sweet lovers once again, here is another sweet series event and the theme for this month is - Cool desserts. The various desserts that come under this category are:

Sweet Lassi
Ice creams
Fruit juice
Fruit salad
or any combination of the above.

Please read the following rules before sending your entries.

1. Cook anything sweet that come under the category of this month - 'Cool desserts' and post the recipe with picture on your blog.

2. Multiple entries welcome. Your entries can be from your archives. All you need to do is edit that post and add a link to this announcement. But it will be really fun to create a new dish!

3. If you are sending from your archives, create a new post and add a link to your entries and this announcement. You do not have to rewrite the recipe. This is just to bring to the notice of your visitors, so they can send in their entries. - This is optional.

4. Feel free to use the logo.

5. The sweet needs to be vegetarian (no egg no meat). Only for the 'ice cream' in the above listed desserts, egg is allowed.

6. Please send an e-mail to sweetseries at paajaka dot com with the following info on or before July 31,2008.

* Subject Line: cool desserts

* Blogger name:
* Blog name:
* Dish Name:
* URL to the post:
* A picture of the dish (250 pixel width).

Also, specify under which aforesaid desserts, your entry comes. (for example: Fruit juice)

7. Non bloggers can e-mail me the recipe and the picture and I will include it in the round up.

8. The roundup of sweet series - cool desserts will be posted within one week after deadline.

NOTE: The theme might be named 'cool desserts'. The entries can be hot/cold. Few payasams will taste good only when it warm or at room temperature.

Thank you and looking forward to all your enthusiastic participation once again. Here goes the roundup for puran polis.


I have always sent my entries to the various events and this is the first time I am hosting an event and posting a roundup and I want to say that I am extremely happy hosting. I have 38 sweet entries for puran poli sweet chapathi/roti roundup. Thank you so much to you all for the beautiful, colorful entries that you have sent me for this event. A few bloggers have sent 1+ or even 2+ entries. Many thanks to each and everyone for your enthusiastic participation.

The puran poli theme has really made you all so creative and also for few bloggers, this event has inspired them to attempt the traditional, authentic puran polis. In this roundup, there are traditional puran polis, sweet parathas, sugary rotis and much more. Without any delay, dear sweet lovers, I present to you the sweet series roundup - 1 for Puran poli and sweet chapathi/roti roundup. Thank you.

I have sorted in the order I received. Please click on the image for recipe.

Puran Poli Obbatti Boli from Dhivya of Easy Cooking

Puran Poli from Skribles of Food with a pinch of love

Saanjori from Meera of Enjoy Indian Food

Greengram dal and jaggery filling puran poli from EC of Simple Indian Food

Coconut and jaggery filling obattu from EC of Simple Indian Food

Groundnut puran poli from EC of Simple Indian Food

Gajar poli from Sheetal of My kitchen

Puran poli from Sheetal of My kitchen

Paratha with Ricotta-Black Raspberry preserve and Walnuts from Asha of Aroma

Hoornada Holige from Lively of It's a beautiful life

Sindhi Lola from Mythreyee of Paajaka recipes

Kallebele thenginkai obbattu from Mythreyee of Paajaka recipes

Sweet coconut paratha from Sowmya of Creative saga

Kobri obattu from Vanamala of Nalapaka

Roti kesari poli from Foodyguru(Srimathi) of Few minute wonders

Sugar Phulka from Medhaa of Cook with love

Puran poli from Vandana of Cooking up something nice

Sweet potato puran poli from Priya of Live to cook

Coconut paratha from K of khichdi

Dates almond paratha from Aditi of Kitchen stories

Puran Poli from Radhika of Tickling Palates

Saatori from Meera of Enjoy Indian food

Coconut pancakes from JZ of Tasty treats

Bobbatlu from Sireesha of Mom's recipies

Puran poli from Trupti of Trupti's food corner

Ratalyachi Ghari (Sweet Potato Roti) from Trupti of Trupti's food corner

Gur Poli from Trupti of Trupti's food corner

Sojjappalu from Asha of Foodie's hope

Sweet potato and coconut paratha from Kalva of Curry in kadai

Puran poli from Jai and Bee of Jugalbandhi

Poli from Shankari of Stream of consciousness

Puran poli from Kamala of Mom's recipes - Nandhu's corner

Apple puran poli from Madhuram of Eggless cooking

Puran Poli from Sailaja Prakash of Aroma from my kitchen

Sajjappalu from Rekha of Plantain leaf Andhra recipes

Wheat sweet pancake from Archy of Archy's recipe book

Sweet roti from Cham of Spice club

Sesame sweet roti from Usha of Veg inspirations

Thank you so much to all the bloggers for sending the entries and for making this roundup a grand success. Expecting your support for the upcoming sweet series events too. Thank you.


FH said...

WOW!! What a great round up! So many Obbattus too, great job. Enjoy the Desserts, I will be on break!:))

KALVA said...

Wow awesome rounduop... Cant wait for the next event!!!

Usha said...

Wonderful roundup ,All the entries look yummy !!

Trupti said...

Nice round up M...Just thinking of what to send for this event

Anonymous said...

oh sooo many sweet rotis, i really never new there were so many! great job!!

BTW, Mythreyee you have spelled my name wrong..Its JZ of Tasty treats. just thought I would let u know..

will be in for the next event, for sure!

Kalai said...

That's some round-up, Myth! Thanks! :)

Archy said...

Wow, great roundup !! Bookmarked for different variety of Obbattus !!

Cham said...

wow, now i am craving for polis :) Great round up

Mythreyee said...

Thank you ladies. Yes. I am just loving and drooling looking at these tasty and delicious sweets.

Unknown said...

nice varieties of sweet polis..thanks for your event we get to know so many..

Divya Kudua said...

Great round-up Mythreyee..and am sooo excited that my entry is the first one;-)

Unknown said...

wow what a great round up I enjoyed with a lot of obbattu recipes thanks a lot for the nice round up I am in for the next event

EC said...

Lovely many types of stuffing for polis...great job..count me in for the next theme too

Kay said...

Hi Mythreyee! That's a beautiful blog you got here!

Great roundup!!

Unknown said... many entries..Hope u have added my entry of sweet purri to the next month category..

Anisheetu said...

Great roundup and wonderful entries...:)

Mythreyee said...

Thank you ladies. See you all in the next roundup.

TBC said...

What a nice round-up! You did a great job hosting your very first event.:D

Anisheetu said...

Hi dear thanks for hosting such a wonderful event... Got an award for u on my blog award section plz collect it..

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! for your event.Nice theme for the sweet tooth people. I just sent you an recipe for sweet series.

Sangeeth said...

I have sent my entry for cool desserts :)

Sunshinemom said...

Just sent in my entry for cool desserts!

Dershana said...

This is my first visit to your blog. Just sent in my entry to 'cool events'.

Thank you very much


Dershana said...


My emails are bouncing. is your inbox full?


Veda said...

Hi mythreyee....

i dont know how i missed the sweet series!...but awesome round up there....

about the sweet series- cool desserts....are carrot halwa and bottlegourd halwa on my site eligible to join in????let me know...i will send it ur way soon!


Adlak's tiny world said...

Hi Mythreyee, my first time here and u have very cooool blog.. drooling here.

Nice event and gr8 round up. love to participate in that.. count me in..

Alexis Preatori said...

Everything looks swaadisht or delicious. I'd like to try some of the foods posted by different bloggers. Are there any winners for this event?

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