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Jul 22, 2008

Instant mango pickle

A summer afternoon lunch is not complete without this delicious instant mango pickle in most of the households in south India. It is called maanga oorgai in tamil and maavinkai uppinkai in kannada. It takes hardly ten minutes to prepare this pickle. It is summer here and the groceries are filled with firm mangoes to ripe ones. I got a couple of mangoes to make my all time favorite pickle. Here is the recipe.


Raw mango - firm - 1 medium sized

Mustard seeds - half teaspoon

Red chilli powder - half teaspoon

Turmeric powder - little

Salt as required

Asafoetida powder - 2 pinches

Oil - preferably Gingily oil/Nallennai - 1 tablespoon


Wash the mango and pat it dry. Dice the mangoes carefully into fine cubes (one centimeter size). Do not peel the skin.

Transfer it to a mixing bowl.

Mix in red chilli powder, turmeric powder and salt.

Top it with asafoetida powder and keep it aside.

For the seasoning, heat oil and add mustard seeds.

When it pops, pour the seasoning carefully on the mango.

Mix well and the instant mango pickle is ready to go especially wtih curd rice.

Wrap it in-between a roti or make a bread sandwich with this pickle. Enjoy anyway you want it. It is such a delightful pickle indeed. The same recipe can be tried with apples too.

For variation, ground roasted fenugreek seeds can be added to this pickle. Just show a quarter teaspoon of fenugreek seeds in heat and dry grind the seeds and add it to the pickle before doing the seasoning. This pickle is my entry to Eating with the seasons - August.


Vani said...

This reminds me of the instant mango pickles that used to be served at weddings (and probably still is but I haven't been to a wedding in India in over a decade now). I used to have them by spoonfuls! Photo looks fab, P!

amna said...

oh wow! that is instant!! and i think gingelly oil is the only thing that will work out well for this.. will surely try it out soon :)

EC said...

Looks mouthwatering mythreyee

USHA said...

Wow!!!mouthwatering....i love this instant pickle Mythree...Thanks for sharing.

mitr_bayarea said...


great recipe of mangai oorugai, brought back memories of summers in India. Will be making it this weekend.

Unknown said...

Its a mouthwatering pickle ...regular at our home in summer! I am feeling nostalgic!

Hey you have been tagged...and a Magic Lamp of Good Luck is passed on to you!

PaakaPriya said...

Thanks for the simple and colorful recipe. Hardly took any time to make and was absolutely delicious

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous recipe! Thanks for a great entry! i think i'll try this, together with curd rice!

Btw, the round-up is now on.

Dr Gaurav Bajpai said...


SUJA said...

It looks Yummmmm

Thanks a loot for the recipe..