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Jul 17, 2008

Poori Masal

Poori with potato masala is one of the most common combo in south India. Both poori and masal are very easy to prepare. Just half an hour and a bowl full of pooris and a kadai full of masal will be ready. Here is how it is done.

Potato masal


Potatoes - white skinned - medium - 6 to 7

Onions - preferrably red onions - medium - 2

Green chillies - 4 to 5

Ginger - 1 inch - scrape the outer skin and chop it very finely

Curry leaves - 2 sprigs

Oil for seasoning

Mustard seeds - half teaspoon

Urud dal - 1 tablespoon

Turmeric powder

Asafoetida powder

Salt as required


Cook the potatoes: Half the potatoes, wash them and pressure cook for 3 whistles. Wash the cooked potatoes in cold water and peel of the skin. Keep it aside.

Chop the onions length wise.

Chop the green chillies.

Heat oil in a kadai and add the mustard seeds and urud dal.

When the mustard seeds pops, add the green chillies, ginger and chopped onions and fry onions until it turns transperant.

Add the potatoes and pour a cup water.

Mash the potatoes here and there and allow it to boil.

Add the turmeric powder, asafoetida powder, salt and mix well.

Stir occasionally let it cook until the gravy thickens a little. (i.e the consistency should not be watery)

Turn off the heat and serve it with pooris or chapathis.

This is a very basic recipe for potato masal.



Whole wheat flour - 2 to 3 cups

Salt - quarter teaspoon

Water - as needed

Oil - 1 tablespoon

Oil for deep frying


Take the flour in a large mixing bowl.

Add the salt and one tablespoon oil.

Mix using the tip of the fingers.

Pour half to three fourth cup water or as needed.

Knead to a stiff dough.

Heat oil in a Kadai.

Make small balls out of the dough. Take one ball and roll into 3 to 4 inches diameter by dredging in rice flour diameter and slide it into the hot oil carefully. Rice flour is used so that the oil can be resued.

Using a ladle (with holes - kannu somutu) press it a little.

The poori will puff into a ball.

Carefully turn to the other side and in few seconds (or until the sizzling stops), take out the poori by draining oil in the side of the kadai.

Transfer it to kitchen paper towel lined in a bowl and let the excess oil absorb in the paper towel.

Make poories one at a time. Repeat until the dough is over.

Enjoy these delicious poories with Potato masal or Channa masala.

The potato masal for pooris/chapathis is my entry to Curry Mela hosted by Srivalli of Cooking for all seasons.


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Thanks for the lovely entry Mythreyee!

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