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Aug 15, 2008

Grilled mango chutney

Grilling the fruits caramelizes the natural sugars in them. Grilled fruits and vegetables are a healthy choice that seduces the tastebuds. I had very ripe mangoes and I grilled them in my electric grill to make chutney using very few ingredients. My electric grill has non stick surface. Here is how I prepared.


Ripe mangoes - 2 large

Ginger - quarter teaspoon grated

Green chillis or jalapeño - finely chopped - half teapoon

Salt as required

Lemon juice - half teaspoon (use only if the fruit is very sweet)

Oil spray


Peel the skin of the mangeos. Slice and discard the seed.

Heat the grill until the surface is very hot.

Spray oil on the surface.

Place the mango slices on grill.

Cook for apporximately 5 minutes on each side or until nicely browned with grill marks.

Remove mango from grill. Chop them finely and transfer it to a bowl.

Add the ginger, chillies, salt and lemon juice if required.

Stir and use as a spread for bread or use as a side for chapathi.

I did not use lemon juice since the fruit was already a little sour.


You may choose to grill firm ripe mangoes since it will retain its shape and it is less messy.

If using the firm ripe mangoes, chop the grilled mangoes into small cubes, add other ingredients along with finely chopped red onions to make a tropical salsa.

This is my entry to Monthly Mingle - Grill It!


Sig said...

Now, why didn't I ever think of this? Grilled mango chutney is pure genius!!!!!! :) Thank you for the entry Mythreyee!

indosungod said...

Looks super tasty Mythreyee. That is awesome idea to grill mangoes and make chutney, mangoes, sweet and hot bliss.

Indian Khana said...

Umm looks so yummy...very nice entry

Uma said...

mmm. delicious chutney.

Mythreyee said...

Thanks all of you.

lubnakarim06 said...

Sounds yum. Perfect pic.

Manish said...

Did you use George Foreman Grill when you say Electric Grill?

Mythreyee said...

Yes. A very cute and small one. Very useful.