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Aug 1, 2008

Website not opening in internet explorer

Dear readers,

For some reason, this website is not opening in the Internet explorer. I get a dialog box reading "Internet explorer cannot open the internet site ..... Operation aborted". I don't know the reason for this. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I am happy that this website works fine in firefox browser.

Thanks to my blogger buddy for bringing this to my notice.

Hope to solve this problem soon.




Perfectly said!

I am also facing the same problem and now i am posting this comments via Firefox.

I also observed that whenever you try to access website , the Avast Antivirus reports "DCOM exploit attack"

Hope webmaster will take care of it.

Dershana said...

That was temporary blogger problem , Mythreyee. A bug in blogger was locking out a lot of blogs, including mine, as spam. It's back to normal now.

Happy friendship day to you.

DK said...

It cud also be due to Sitemeter if you have one. There was a bug with IE and sitemeter which was crashing sites when opened in IE. Now its resolved though.

Unknown said...

hey guys

even i had the same pblm, my site wasnt openin with IE any version whereas it was openin in other browsers,it turns out sum of the tags werent properly my pblm is fixed