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Dec 13, 2008

Announcing Sweet series - Baked sweets and Roundup of Sweet series - Halwa Kathli Burfi Peda

Hi friends, here is the awesome roundup of the delicious halwas, burfis and pedas. Before I present to you these awesome sweets, I would like to annouce the next event in the sweet series.

Sweet series - Baked sweets & chocolates

Please read the following before you send the entry.

1. Cook anything sweet that come under the category of this month - 'Baked sweets' and 'Chocolates' and post the recipe with picture on your blog. You can include cakes, pies, cookies, strudels etc and chocolates & toffees. Any sweet that is baked and I want to include CHOCOLATES and candies in the roundup as it is holiday season. EGGS ALLOWED.

2. Multiple entries welcome. Your entries can be from your archives. All you need to do is edit that post and add a link to this announcement. But it will be really fun to create a new dish!

3. If you are sending from your archives, create a new post and add a link to your entries and this announcement. You do not have to rewrite the recipe. This is just to bring to the notice of your visitors, so they can send in their entries. - This is optional.

4. Feel free to use the logo.

5. Eggs allowed for this event.

6. Please send an e-mail to sweetseries at paajaka dot com with the following details on or before Jan 10, 2009.

(please copy the same format given below)

* Subject Line: Baked sweets
* Blog author:
* Blog name:
* Dish Name:
* URL to the post:

* A picture of the dish (any size) - Please send only JPG files.

7. Non bloggers can e-mail me the recipe and the picture and I will include it in the round up.

8. The roundup of this event will be posted within one week after deadline. Thank you and looking forward to all your enthusiastic participation once again.

Without any delay, friends, I present to you the awesome roundup of the sweet series - Halwa, Burfi/kathli and Peda. Thank you friends, for sending in your entries and making this event a grand success. After I received the entries for this event, I realised halwa can be made with almost any ingredient in the pantry. Here goes the roundup. Please click on the picture to view it large.


1. Dhoodhi halwa

Gajar halwa

Beet halwa

Lauki halwa

Microwave halwa

Kashi halwa

10 easy Indian halwas

Potato halwa

Pumpkin almond halwa

Chayote (chow chow) halwa

Ashoka (wheat) halwa

Oats halwa

Oats halwa

Wheat ashoka halwa

Beetroot halwa

Rajasthani moong dal halwa

Maida halwa

Toasted marshmallows

Carrot halwa

Mango halwa

Badam halwa

Rava kesari

Microwave corn flour halwa

Carrot halwa

Hayagreeva muddy

Burfi / Kathli

1. 6 cup almond burfi

Mysore pak

Kalakand burfi

Badam saffron burfi

Tapioca coconut burfi

Kalakand (milk burfi)

Maida burfi

Choco coconut burfi

2 color burfi

Badam burfi

Dry fruits pinni

Anjeer rolls

Coconut burfi


1. Dhoodh bopla peta

Microwave milk sweet doodh peda

Microwave doodh peda

Instant peda

Amrit peda

Pista rolls

Kaju pista badam roll

Kaju badam tacos

Sweet lamp for diwali

Microwave chocolate dhoodh peda

Previous Sweet series roundup:

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Click here for sweet series categories

Please let me know if any of your entry is not included in this roundup. Thank you friends for pouring in your entries and looking forward for the same enthusiastic participation once again.


Dec 8, 2008

Microwave chocolate dhoodh peda

Delicious chocolate dhoodh peda is a quick treat and just minutes away, prepared with just few ingredients that's cooked in microwave. Here is the recipe.


Sweetened condensed milk - 1 can - 14 oz
Curd/ thick yogurt - half cup
Milk - half cup
Coco powder - half cup
Ghee - 2 to 3 tablespoons
Nuts to garnish


Empty the can of condensed milk into a microwaveable container that can withstand very hot content, preferably corning ware or pyrex glass container.

Mix in yogurt.

Warm the milk for 30 seconds in the microwave and whisk in the coco powder until it blends well with milk with no lumps.

Pour the coco milk over the condensed milk and mix really well until even distribution and there are no lumps in the content.

Microwave on high for 5 minutes uncovered.

Take the container out carefully using mittens.

Mix the content well and again microwave on high for 5 minutes.

Take the container out and you will notice the content bubbling. Please handle the container with care. The content is really hot.

Stir well and again microwave on high for 3 to 4 minutes until it reaches semi solid consistency.

Take the container out and stir well. Let it stand for 20 minutes minimum. Let the content cool down.

You can either stir in ghee at this stage and then make small pedas or make small pedas and pour a teaspoon of ghee over the peda while serving.

You can either mix in the ghee and serve as such or make small pedas out of the cooled peda content.

This is my entry to the sweet series - Halwa, kathli, burfi and peda hosted by Me.


Dec 2, 2008

Carrot kosambari

Carrot kosambari a.k.a carrot koshambir is a very simple and healthy salad/vegetable side that can be prepared in no time. In this recipe, the chopped raw carrots are seasoned with green chillies and lemon juice. For authentic kosambari, grate the carrots using a grater. For a quicker version, I have used a mini chopper to chop the carrots finely. Here is the recipe.


Carrots - 3 or use 1 packet of peeled baby carrots

Oil - 2 teaspoons - for seasoning

Mustard seeds - half teaspoon

Green chillies - 3 - slit vertically

Salt to taste

Asafoetida powder - a pinch - optional

Lemon juice - 2 teaspoons or sqeeze juice from 1 big juicy lemon


Peel the skin from the carrots and grate them using a grater or chop them finely using a chopper.

Heat oil and add the mustard seeds, when it pops, add the green chillies and turn off the heat and add asafoetida powder if you are using and pour the seasoning on the grated/chopped carrots.

Add salt to taste.

Squeeze juice from a big juicy lemon or take 2 teaspoons of lemon juice and add it to the seasoned carrots. Mix well.

Serve it as a side with any rice or enjoy it as a salad.

This is my entry to "JFI - carrots" hosted by The Cooker.

This is also my entry to "Recipes for the rest of us" event hosted by Ramki of One page cookbooks.