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Mar 30, 2009

Announcing MEC - Nuts

Friends, it is a great pleasure hosting events in Paajaka and here I'm proud to host this month's MEC - Nuts. MEC is Microwave easy cooking. The name tells it all. This event focuses only on the recipes that uses ONLY microwave for cooking. This wonderful idea of Microwave cooking event was initiated by Srivalli of Cooking for all seasons. Thank you so much Srivalli. I am glad to host this wonderful event.

The theme for this month in MEC is Nuts. Here goes the simple but mandatory rules of participation for this event.

1. Cook any dish starring NUTS (any nut) as the main ingredient in a Microwave and post it on your blog from now till the last date of April, 2009. Note: Posts on Safety, Tips and other things related to to the theme are also most welcome.

2. Feel free to use this logo:

3. Multiple recipes are permitted and recipes submitted to other events are also permitted.

4. Recipes from archives can be accepted ONLY if you create a new post and linking to your entries, this post as well as Srivalli's MEC post.

5. Non bloggers are welcome to send in their entries. Just mail me with recipe and picture and I will include in the roundup.

6. Links to this post as well as to Srivalli's MEC post are required.

7. The entire cooking needs to be done in Microwave. Of course, use food processor or others for grinding stuffs, but no stove top please. Only vegetarian entries will be accepted. No egg and no meat please.

8. Send in your entry to mythreyee at paajaka dot com with the following details on or before Apr 30th 2009.

Subject: MEC - Nuts
Your name in your blog:
Your blog's name:
Name of the dish that your are sending:
Perma link to the post:
Picture (jpg only) of the dish that you are sending.

I hope the rules are clear. Please mail me if you have any questions. Let's get started. Let's celebrate Nuts all april. Looking forward to all those delicious entries. The roundup will be posted within a week after last date.


Mar 2, 2009

JFI - Cauliflower - Roundup

Friends, JFI - Cauliflower roundup is here. Cauliflower is sure a versatile vegetable. Being the cauliflower season, try these mouth watering and delicious recipes. Thank you to all fellow bloggers who sent the entries and contributed to the success of this roundup. Thank you Indira for initiating the JFI. I enjoyed hosting this event. It's truly a celebration for the chosen ingredient and I am glad I chose cauliflower and very happy that I could aggregate the different vegetarian cauliflower recipes. Click on the slideshow to view all pictures. The recipe links are sorted in the order I received. Thank you once again for pouring in your entries.

1. Gobi dry manchurian

2. Cauliflower bajji

3. Vegetable biryani

4. Vegetable biryani

5. Brinjal cauliflower curry

6. Cauliflower fried rice

7. Phulgobhi sambhari

8. Mixed vegetable gratin

9. Lamb and cauliflower curry

10. Cauliflower kachori

11. Quick cauliflower subzi

12. Kasuri methi gobi

13. Gobi parata

14. Cauliflower stirfry

15. Cauliflower tagine

16. Gobhi manchurian

17. Cauliflower curry

18. Cauliflower carrot kurma

19. Cauliflower masala

20. Aloo gobi

21. Aloo gobi masala

22. Cauliflower korma

23. Cauliflower and pasta bake

24. Gobhi sandwich

25. Cauliflower paratha

26. Cauliflower sabji

27. Cauliflower potato paneer vegetable

28. Cauliflower lollipops

29. Gobi manchurian dry

30. Cauliflower kurma

31. Mixed vegetable kurma

32. Aloo gobi or Potato cauliflower gravy

33. Cauliflower palya

34. Cauliflower bhaji

35. Chilly gobi manchurian

36. Special spicy cauliflower

37. Gobichi bhaji

38. Gobi paratha

39. Cauliflower sukke

40. Gobi bhaji

41. Gobi butterbeans and mint kurma

42. Cauliflower broccoli and pasta soup

43. Phool gobi matar sabzi

44. Pav bhaji

45. Cauliflower brown rice

46. Tandoori gobi

47. Cauliflower and red pepper curry with almond flavor

48. Gobi paratha

49. Gobi and chickpea gravy

50. Masala gobi aloo phulkopir dum

51. Coriander cauliflower peas curry

52. Gobi matar

53. Gobi ki sabzi

54. Gobi manchurian

55. Cauliflower soup

56. Cauliflower paruppusuli

57. Cauliflower pakoda

58. Cauliflower peas curry

59. Cauliflower milagu pirattal

60. Crispy capsicum cauliflower

61. Fried cauliflower

62. Cauliflower pepper curry

63. Cauliflower masala