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May 14, 2009

MEC - Nuts roundup & Sweet series - Rice/Wheat and Diabetic friendly sweets roundup

Here are the fabulous entries for the MEC - Nuts. Thank you friends for sending in the entries. Thank you Srivalli for giving me an opportunity to guest host this awesome 'Microwave easy cooking' event. All these enries are sure a quick treat for any occasion. I apologise for the delay in posting the roundup. Here is the roundup of MEC nuts

Here is the roundup for the final event in the sweet series - Rice and wheat based sweets and diabetic sweets. I really apologise for the delay in posting the roundup. I really appretiate your patience. The sweet series event was a grand success. Hearty thanks for those who sent in their awesome entries for all the events. Here goes the final roundup of the Sweet series.

Sweets with rice / wheat & Diabetic sweets: