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About Paajaka Recipes

The word 'Paajaka' in spoken sanskrit means, 'a special kitchen utensil'. Sri Madhwacharya, the great exponent of the Dvaita school of philosophy was born in a place called 'Paajaka Kshetra'.

This website 'Paajaka Recipes' is a food log of my version of various vegetarian recipes from around the world, mostly from the great Indian cuisine. I have been posting recipes that I have tried in my kitchen. Recipes in Paajaka Recipes are my own creations unless otherwise stated. I definitely want to acknowledge and thank my parents, my sisters and brothers, my relatives and friends and last but not the least my husband for all the support and encouragement. It has always been an exciting journey for me in venturing into the world of cooking and I am glad this website is a gateway for me to share to the world all my cooking endeavors.

Welcome to Paajaka Recipes and please feel free to send in your comments/feedback to mythreyee [at] paajaka [dot] com. Thank you. Namaste.