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Meet the cook

I am Mythreyee from Salem (TN - India), a post graduate in Commerce and a computer savvy. 

When and how it all began.............

My cooking journey began only after marriage because there was no choice but to cook. 

I started cooking basic recipes and did not even make an attempt to try new dishes until we both got bored of the same stuff everyday. There weren't good Indian restaurants in the place I lived. The only good Indian food we had was only during dinner parties hosted by our friends. I've always had sweet tooth. I love sweets more than anything else. Slowly, apart from the daily rasam, sambar and subzi, I started to make sweets like Badam halwa, Gulab jamun, sakarai pongal and many different payasams. To my surprise, I loved what ever I cooked.

My joy for cooking knew no bounds. I cooked and cooked and cooked many new dishes from different cuisines. Slowly started to host parties and challenged myself with tedious and time consuming recipes for potlucks. My bisi bela bhath was a hit every single time I made. I became an expert in doing Boondhi laddu from scratch. Cooking became an interesting and integral part in my life. The constant support and encouragement from my near and dear was always there. To this day, I have been exploring many new dishes, and creating new recipes.

Those days, there weren't food blogs. Apart from the recipes I learned from my mom, my sisters, my relatives and friends, the only other source was my collection of Mallika Badrinath cookbooks. A million thanks to her. My passion for cooking was a late discovery, but it's always 'better late than never'.  After a few years, my recipe filing system became very poor. I could not keep a log of the recipes I created or tried. One day I stumbled upon blogger and learned that I can create a blog and post my recipes. I thought it was a great way to save my recipes and as well since it was online, I can access it from anywhere. That's how I started to blog. Blogging has given me an opportunity to show out my talents and as well, has been a gateway for me to connect to the world and to interact with people who share the same interests. 

Apart from this blog Paajaka recipes, which is totally dedicated to my endeavors in cooking, I have created two other blogs to share my interest in art and spirituality. Mythreyee's for art, travel and much more, Hari Sarvothama Vaayu Jeevothama for spiritualily. Please do visit all my blogs. Contact me for suggestions/feedback and recipe requests at mythreyee [at] paajaka [dot] com. 

"The discovery of a new dish does more for the happiness of mankind than the discovery of a star" -Anthelme Brillat-Savarin